What is the Relation between Biosynthesis and the Business World?

The original concept of Biosynthesis stems from chemistry and biology and refers to the production of complex chemical compounds, such as proteins and nucleic acids, from simpler reagents catalyzed by enzymes. Unlike chemical synthesis, biosynthesis takes place inside living organisms and is a vital part of metabolism. However, Biosynthesis can also be defined as a branch of psychotherapy, as developed by British educator David Boadella (1992), based upon the teaching of physician and psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. The objective of Biosynthesis is to integrate one’s body, emotional, social and spiritual intelligences so that the flows of movements, feelings and thoughts take place in a harmonious fashion, thus promoting the person’s health and happiness. According to the Rio de Janeiro Biosynthesis School (2014), an entity associated to Germany’s International Foundation for Biosynthesis, “the core concept of Biosynthesis is the existence of three underlying energetic currents in the body associated with the three germ cell layers in the embryo (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm), from which the various organs are formed.”It is ‘based upon these principles of functional embryology, integrating and coordinating breathing patterns, muscular tonus, and emotional expression, thus connecting three fundamental areas of our human quality: our physical existence, our psychological experience, and our fundamental essence”.

But, how is Biosynthesis related to the business world? The linking element between this psychotherapy line and the market is the person who acts as a Professional in the business world. The individual needs to be in his/her best condition to help the whole; a professional is required to be in good health and to have an emotional balance to contribute to a work group with the greatest creativity possible. If such factors are aligned, the individual’s work may provide benefits to the company in addition to peace of mind and happiness to the individual. But, what does it take for the professional to develop such condition?

Professor Cipriano Carlos Luckesi, in the article “Educação, Ludicidade e Prevenção das Neuroses Futuras: uma proposta pedagógica a partir da Biossíntese” (Education, Playfulness and Prevention of Future Neurosis: a Biosynthesis-based pedagogical proposal), states that, in view of the emerging needs of the 21st century, one needs to be prepared to in three competences, which derive from the concepts of Biosynthesis, to achieve completeness as a professional and as a person. Luckesi calls this state “the human being in his biopsychospiritual completeness”. The knowledge, skills and attitudes required to reach this state include:

  1. Learning to be: Which involves working on the individual’s development on items that are barely addressed in the educational process of today such as self-knowledge, self-realization, awareness of one’s commitments to the various groups in society (work, family, friends and associations), and the ways to express their contributions and necessities;
  2. Organizing the fields of emotion and spirituality: Which refers to the four morphoenergetic fields of an individual, namely: biological, mental, emotional and spiritual. In the first field, the individual can organize himself by understanding the biology of our organism with the various types of professionals in the field of health that exist today; in the second field, it is possible for one to organize himself based upon a type of education that is more geared at philosophy and sciences. However, in the third field, there is still a long way ahead: a person’s experience with the emotional processes is meager, and little is the common person’s basic knowledge on psychology. As for the fourth field, the spiritual field is where we are still crawling: considering the total number of inhabitants on this planet, very few are those who have started true processes of spiritual seeking through subtle states of consciousness. Many do not even believe in the existence of this energetic field;
  3. Preventing neurosis and future traumas and restore past neurosis and traumas: The article by Cipriano Luckesi states that “traumas are deep psychological marks resulting from abrupt acts or successive deprivations, which bring about automatic conducts by the human being from unconscious basis; and usually, these are reactive actions”. Therefore, it is necessary first to recognize the trauma, something that will only be possible through one of the practices proposed in item 1 (learning to be) above: self-knowledge. After that, it is mandatory to prevent neurosis and future traumas and to restore the past ones through the resources of psychotherapeutic education.

In sum, the practices and learning derived from the concept of Biosynthesis can set an individual free from the “bites of the world”, balance his emotion and spirituality, and help him get to know his own self, his wishes and limitations. Based on such practices, the person becomes more likely to develop his/her full potential, thus adding more value to any social group, including the organizations operating in the market.


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Para saber mais sobre o tema visite o site da Quântica Treinamento Empresarial em http://www.quanticaconsultoria.com

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